Everything you need to know about highlighter blush

Where does highlighter and blush go?

The final step is highlighting to bring out the cheekbones. Apply the highlighter directly on your cheekbones, just above the blush . Your cheekbones are located at the highest part of the outer cheek, just below the eye. The most important part of this look is remembering to blend and avoid obvious lines.

Is highlighter blush?

“I like to start by applying the highlight on the top of the cheek bones and then [blend] the blush with the highlighter . Doing it this way gives a more natural look to the skin and cheeks, and also helps to make sure your cheek color looks blended and not ‘stripey.'”

What is blush highlighter?

The mistake-proof cream-to-powder color is quick and easy to apply, leaving a seductively sheer, natural finish. It’s perfect for highlighting, sculpting, and warming the eyes, cheeks, lips, and body in an array of shades—from sheer accents to rich mauve and bronze.

Can highlighter be used as blush?

Once you have the blush in place, use the blush brush to blend the bronzer and blush together using a circular buffing motion. This step is important, as you don’t want obvious lines across your face where one ends and the other begins. The final step is highlighting to bring out the cheekbones.

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