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How to grow rosemary thyme?

Bay trees are cold-hardy, but like rosemary, there’s a limit to how much you can crop over the winter as the plant won’t be growing very much if at all. Sage and thyme will survive without any protection over the winter , but you probably won’t be able to crop any of them unless the winter is unusually mild.

Where was rosemary & thyme filmed?

August 31, 2003 While thyme can often be a good substitute for rosemary —particularly when used along with other herbs such as tarragon or savory— rosemary is not the best choice as a substitution for thyme . Rosemary is a pretty assertive herb with a very distinct astringent flavor.

Can thyme replace rosemary?

In a recipe that calls for dried rosemary , even the most basic spice rack will typically contain one of three common herbs that make great substitutes in a pinch. Dried savory, tarragon and thyme are all suitable alternatives to rosemary .

Can thyme and rosemary be planted together?

Even though rosemary generally prefers different conditions, parsley, rosemary and chives can all be grown together in a window box. Mediterranean herbs: Herbs from this region are the ones who tend to prefer a dry and sandy soil. Sage, thyme , rosemary , marjoram, oregano and lavender all fall into this category.

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