Inositol capsules – block of thematic questions and answers

Which inositol supplement?

For treating lithium-related psoriasis: 6 grams of inositol has been taken daily. For metabolic syndrome: 2 grams of a certain form of inositol (isomer myo- inositol ) has been taken twice per day for one year. For panic disorder: 12-18 grams of inositol has been taken daily.

Where to buy inositol capsules?

The Journal of Clinical Psychology published this study. This revealed inositol was an effective treatment for a variety of anxiety disorders including panic disorders, OCD and anxiety . For the treatment of OCD, panic disorders and anxiety , this dosage is increased to twelve to eighteen grams each day.

What is inositol capsules used for?

Inositol is used for diabetic nerve pain, panic disorder , high cholesterol , insomnia, cancer , depression , schizophrenia, Alzheimer’s disease, attention deficit-hyperactivity disorder (ADHD), autism, promoting hair growth, a skin disorder called psoriasis, and treating side effects of medical treatment with lithium.

How much inositol capsules for pcos?

It’s believed that women with PCOS may have a defect in the body’s ability to convert MYO into DCI, contributing to insulin resistance and infertility. Supplementing with inositol is well tolerated (no GI side effects like metformin) and has been shown to improve insulin levels and reduce intense cravings.

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