Most common questions about erythritol monk fruit

Is erythritol monk fruit?

Zero Calorie, All Natural Monk Fruit Erythritol Sweetener that Tastes and Bakes like Sugar! Monk fruit comes from Southeast Asia and contains natural sweetness hundreds of times that of sugar. It contains zero calories and has no harmful side effects. Erythritol is a mild sugar alcohol derived from fruits and plants.

Can you substitute erythritol for monk fruit?

You can purchase 100% pure erythritol or a monk fruit – erythritol blend that is just as sweet as sugar! Both sweeteners are highly recommended as safe, natural alternatives to sugar as sweeteners.

Why is erythritol added to monk fruit?

Although they claimed it had “zero calories,” they added erythritol (good) but also sugar and molasses (not good) to their monk fruit powder. Ultimately, as with any sweetener, be cautious about overusing monk fruit . For some people, healthy sweeteners can trigger cravings for more sweet foods.

Can i substitute erythritol for monk fruit?

While monk fruit is exponentially sweeter than sugar, erythritol is somewhat less sweet than the glucose that forms its base. Both sweeteners can cause a slight “cooling” sensation if used a lot in a dessert recipe. Many common brands of erythritol include Swerve, Sukrin, Truvia, So Nourished and more.

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