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Shea cream – simple answers to seemingly complex questions

What is shea butter cream?

SHEA BUTTER SKIN CARE: “ Shea Butter is the Skin’s Best Friend” “100 % PURE NATURAL SHEA BUTTER ” is an all-natural vitamin A cream . Shea Butter has shown to be a superb moisturizer, with exceptional healing properties for the skin.

What is shea body cream?

Infused with luxuriously rich Shea Butter , our Ultra Shea Body Cream provides 24 hours of nourishing moisture to soften even the driest skin.

What is shea shower cream?

Shea Shower Cream is a soap-free, ultra-bubbly cleanser that will your skin feeling nourished, softer and freshly cleansed. Shower cream and body wash. Cleanses the skin. Leaves skin soft and freshly cleansed. Rich creamy texture.

What is shea cream?

Shea butter is fat that has been extracted from shea tree nuts. It’s off-white or ivory colored and has a creamy consistency that’s easy to spread on your skin. Most shea butter comes from shea trees in West Africa.

What is shea hydrating cream?

Moisturize dry, brittle hair and prevent split ends and breakage with our unique sulfate-free formula. Made with 100% Pure Shea Butter and formulated without harsh ingredients,Cantu for Natural Hair restores your real, authentic beauty.

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