That’s everything there is to know about after sun spray

Does after sun spray work?

After sun lotion is crucial for rehydrating sun burnt skin. It also helps to repair your skin by cooling it down and locking in lost moisture. It cools stressed skin with ingredients like aloe vera. It calms sun burnt skin and provides soothing relief with a rich care treatment made from ingredients like avocado oil.

What does after sun spray do?

Cooling After Sun Lotion. After spending time in the sun , your skin needs special care in order to replace lost moisture and cool it down from being burnt. NIVEA After – Sun products like the Moisturising After Sun Lotion are specially made for sun burnt skin, and is the best way to help your skin repair itself.

What is after sun spray?

NIVEA Sun Cooling After Sun Spray has a light and cooling formula that absorbs quickly. It contains aloe vera that helps restore your skin’s moisture and leaves a refreshing and soothing skin feeling. Easy to apply: NIVEA SUN COOLING AFTER SUN SPRAY .

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