The most important things about coconut probiotic

Is coconut probiotic?

Tabbed as an “it” health food of the 21st century, kefir — especially coconut kefir — contains many probiotic , bioactive compounds and as many as 30 strains of good bacteria that help fight against tumors, bacteria, carcinogens and more. It’s simply coconut water that has been fermented with kefir grains.

Where to buy coconut probiotic yogurt?

A coconut -based vegan style yogurt can also provide other nutritional benefits. The fermented sugars and tummy-pleasing probiotics can help regulate digestive health by providing an ample dose of healthy bacteria to the gut.

What is probiotic coconut water?

A jug of super healthy coconut water kefir! Coconut water kefir a drink that provides an incredible dose of beneficial good bacteria without any artificial ingredients or harmful sugars. The fact we have trillions of bacterial cells in the body means 20 billion is hardly going to make an impact on your health.

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