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Thyme powder – 10 popular questions and answers

What is thyme powder?

Thyme is a low-growing, woody perennial herb native to the Mediterranean region and widely cultivated elsewhere. The powdered herb can be used in cooking just like the fresh or dried leaf. Powdered thyme is also used to make a natural mouthwash and gargle, facial toners, poultices and other skin care formulations.

How much thyme powder equals a sprig?

Two sprigs of thyme will yield perhaps a tablespoon of leaves when stripped from the stem, depending on the size of the sprigs . Using the typical ratio of 1/3 unit dried to substitute for 1 unit of fresh herbs, you would then want about a teaspoon for dried thyme .

How to use thyme powder?

To remove the leaves from a sprig of fresh thyme , simply hold the sprig at the top with one hand, pinch the sprig with the other and pull back down the stem. The leaves will detach easily. Fresh thyme leaves are so small that they usually require no chopping.

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