Whey protein blend – 10 popular questions and answers

Can you blend whey protein?

Mechanical agitation (by a blender) cannot break up amino acid components, which are molecular. Therefore, I cannot imagine that blending the protein will make any difference to the nutritional value. It won’t hurt the protein powder . Blender is popular when mixing with fruit to make a smoothie type of product.

When to take whey protein blend?

This lab, by the way, has been a leader in helping us better understand protein intake around workouts, muscle protein synthesis, and muscle growth. The first study—published in 2013—had men consume 20 grams of whey or 20 grams of a whey /soy/casein combo one hour after a leg workout.

How to use whey protein blend?

Drink a whey protein shake along with your meal. When you take whey protein shake with milk the proteins are absorbed slowly, so it could be a good solution in the morning. But if you take protein supplement after workout you need fast absorption, so water is preferable.

What is whey protein blend?

A protein blend is any product or supplement that contains more than one protein source. This could be a combination of whey protein and whey protein isolate for example, or a blend of whey protein and casein, or egg protein .

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